Tenants comments and photos to be included in OUTGOING INSPECTION

For paperless ingoing report, we should be able to opt for tenant comments and photos they have entered to be visible when conducting the outgoing inspection report. If not all the data, an alert to show that the tenants did not agree to the ingoing inspection comments.
At the moment, if the tenant completed the paperless ingoing, we need to either print the report (which defeats the purpose of paperless) and then at the outgoing compare the notes the tenants made or create a pdf which has to be opened in a different window to compare.
It would make more sense to have a feature where there is an alert to show that the tenants did not agree to original comments and be able to expan on the comments and perhaps view the picture.

Open for voting Suggested by: Melody Tinapay Concepcion Upvoted: 23 Jan Comments: 0

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