My suggestion to Inspection Manager is to introduce some sort of Checklist Column for the Routine Inspection. It would be helpful that when you open the property to complete the inspection, it comes up with a checklist that you can edit at any point of the inspection. The checklist items can be edited depending on what is needed.
Some items it can include would be "Pets at the property" and you can add notes etc. "Residents residing at the property" - this would be helpful so when you can back to the office you can compare notes to see what is approved at the property.
Other items on the checklist could include;
All keys work
Tenant was present during the inspection
Number of residents residing at the property approx
Pets residing at the property and what are they

I hope that you will look into my request.

Open for voting Suggested by: Abi Upvoted: 18 Jul, '21 Comments: 0

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